10 Things you should Never tell your boss –

10 Things you should Never tell your boss – No matter what you do, the office needs to be a professional setting. Even if your company has a casual culture and you’re lucky enough to have a super cool boss, there are some topics that need to be off limits in the office. Your boss is directly responsible for your work performance. They control your schedule, your job, your pay, and so many other factors in your life. Keep your boss happy and you’ll be happy too. In order to keep the peace, there are a few secrets you should keep from your boss.

Here are 10 Things you should Never tell your boss:

you should Never tell your boss
you should Never tell your boss
  1. The stressful things happening outside of work – Personal challenges, like issues going on in your family, can be tough to leave at home. But it’s often best to separate your work life from your home life. “Unless you feel this is bleeding over to your work, to your ability to do your job, then your boss really doesn’t need to know the intimate details of your life,” says Klapow. “We all have them (including your boss) and that is a social line that you don’t want to cross. You don’t know how it will be interpreted.”
  2. Your political views – It might be possible that he bullies you to vote for the candidate he likes.
  3. That You’re searching For A New Job – Are you actively searching for another job while you’re currently employed? You’re not alone, but don’t tell your boss about it.
  4. What you really think about your coworkers – “Stick to the facts when it comes to talking to your boss,” says Klapow. “You may not personally like a co-worker, but your boss does not need that from you.” Sharing secrets or opinions can make you seem immature or rude, and that’s definitely not a good habit at work.
  5. Your financial situation – If you are struggling to make ends meet your manager may worry that you’ll leave for a higher-paying job.  And if you are flushed with cash because you’re a good saver or for some other reason, your boss may feel jealous and/or may feel they don’t need to worry about keeping your salary current with the market. Keep your financial situation secret!
  6. I am bored – You’re being paid to be productive and remain enthusiastic. It’s your responsibility to find ways to make your job interesting.
  7. An ongoing illness – 25 % of people fear that they might lose their job if they tell their boss about an ongoing illness.
  8. That’s not part of my job – This one is similar to “‘I’m not paid enough to do that’” Maybe you’re just trying to be funny — or hint that you deserve a raise — but this phrase is highly inappropriate and unprofessional, and it tells your boss that you’re not willing to go above and beyond.
  9. That’s impossible –Even if your boss is asking for something that seems impossible, avoid the urge to say “No” in response to his or her request. Bosses want to hear about solutions, not problems. When you immediately shut down, you send the signal that you are not flexible, unwilling to try, and lack problem-solving skills. Instead, you should explain to your boss what you will need in order to meet this new demand. Provide options instead of excuses.
  10. You’re wrong – Openly critisizing or pointing out your boss’s mistake is a punch to the ego. Behaving this way at workplace would create problems because next time you might be excluded from future meetings or may be ignored when you raise your hand to speak.

The boss/employee relationship is an interesting one. It demands respect, but at the same time you want to get along and to be friends too. As a general rule, you need to always keep the workplace professional. If you don’t, it’s easy to upset your boss and that could put your job in jeopardy.

Don’t share everything with your boss.


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