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Why Work in Germany

Germany is a great place to live and work, whether for a short time or longer. Many people are interested in visiting or moving to Germany. These factors include a strong economy, good wages, a high standard of living and social benefits, modern infrastructure and affordable, high quality housing.

Germany is the biggest economy in the EU and that means a lot of job opportunities. However, German commercial practice is more cautious than in the United Kingdom or the United States. Here, it happens more slowly. Workers change less frequently than British citizens. This is partly due to German labor legislation, which prevents the hiring and firing of attitudes of English countries.

On the other hand, it means that he is much more likely to find a job.Most jobs can be found in the larger cities of West Germany and the surrounding areas. The capital of Berlin has a relatively high unemployment rate and jobs in the eastern cities are lower.

Salaries are similar to those in London, but higher in specialized occupations. However, German rates are also higher than in the UK. Mandatory health insurance is an additional cost that you should consider. The reductions in statutory pension insurance are also high. But you can still benefit from higher net disposable incomes than in the UK.

The costs of living are generally lower: restaurants are often cheaper than in the UK, transport is cheaper and rents are lower. This last factor is one of the great advantages of Germany: large shipments of buildings, mostly modern and of high quality at reasonable prices. Another benefit of living and working in Germany is the health system. Health care is at a higher level than in the United Kingdom. It’s not cheap. Health insurance in Germany is expensive.

You are surprised that the German work culture is less prone to overwork than in the UK. Holiday compensation is also a generous, about 6 weeks standard vacation. On the other hand, the Germans start working very early. In offices up to 6 or 7 years can be on the morning table. But often, they want to leave early in the afternoon.

Language is not a big problem. Most young people in Germany speak reasonable or acceptable English. But you must at least learn something German. You will find more jobs for you if you can demonstrate your German skills. Speaking language also helps to make the most of the country. Of course, not everything is perfect in Germany. Examples of major bureaucratic and inflexible disadvantages in Germany are the rigidity of the workforce, the high social security and tax insurance, gross behavior and relatively poor customer service.

Generally, the benefits are much greater than the disadvantages, and the English feel comfortable here. In general, Germany is a very good place to move, whether you want to go longer or simply live and work in another EU country. Many Companies provides Latest Jobs in Germany – you should